S01 E18 - Choosing Adventure with the Jurgy's


“Embrace the Uncomfortable”

- Nellie Jurgensmeier

What are your dreams?

What adventures call to you? What hobby do you want to start? What idea keeps tickling the back of your mind?

How many times do these things cross your mind and the first words that come to your head are:

“I can’t.”

“It’s impossible.”

“It’s not in my cards right now.”

“I’ll try tomorrow/next month/next year/in ten years….”

Bryce and Nellie Jurgensmeier were all too familiar with these thoughts. Bryce had wanted to start a YouTube channel for quite some time, but something always held him back.

A health scare in 2015 completely changed their perspectives on pursuing their dreams.

What happens when you keep waiting for tomorrow, and then tomorrow never comes?

Now, they’re a full-time travel family, currently adventuring through all 50 states in their RV home.

In order to inspire others to choose a life of adventure, they started hiding treasure bottles filled with surprises for others to find - outdoor gear, vacations, money, etc. - something to help them get started!

What’s something you can do today to get you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams?

You don’t have to sell your home, quit your job, and spend all your time traveling in order to have an adventure.

Get outside and go for a walk.

Go explore new parts of your town.

Start saving your pennies to go on that vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

Build a fort in your living room with your kids.

Go on a treasure hunt for one of the Jurgy’s hidden treasure bottles.

The sky’s the limit!

The way to achieve your dreams won’t always be clear. Sometimes it takes a small step in the dark before the illumination.

When Nephi had to get the plates from Laban, he had no idea what to do!

“Nevertheless, [he] went forth…” (1 Nephi 4:7)

This scripture doesn’t just apply to doing something hard. It also applies to taking a step outside your comfort zone.

As Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.”

It can be scary and uncomfortable to do something new and unknown. Uncharted territory can feel terrifying.

Embrace the Uncomfortable.

Heavenly Father wants you to have the righteous desires of your hearts, and He will help you achieve them.

All you have to do is take that first step - and then take another step - and let the Spirit guide your path.

As the Jurgy’s say:

“Do something memorable this week!”

What adventure have you been dying to take? Let us know in the comments!

About Our Guests

The Jurgy’s

The Jurgy's.jpg

Adventure Traveling Family of Three. Ourselves in 5 words:

NELLIE - Outdoors, Yoga, Climbing, Painting, Running

BRYCE - Entrepreneurial, Film, Basketball, Guitar, Travel

AVALYN - Milkies, Giggles, Dirt, Sunlight, Trees

In 2015, Nells had a health scare that pushed us to finally pursue our dreams and adventure the world. We started our Youtube channel in hopes to inspire others to adventure more & also to have memories for us. We began hiding treasure bottles everywhere we adventured. Whoever found them received outdoor gear, a vacation, or even money. Go find one!! 

We hope that by sharing our adventures with you, it inspires you to do the same. Do something memorable this week!

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