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Creating a Celestial Marriage

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We put a lot of focus on getting people married to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. We aim to be sealed in the temple so we can have a Celestial Marriage…

But a Celestial Marriage isn’t something you have, it’s something you DO. Getting sealed in the temple is just the first step.

In this talk, Nate and Angilyn share inspiring stories, tools, and tips for couples to create the kind of marriage that would make our Heavenly Parents proud. We will bust marriage myths you’ve been taught your entire life, and we promise not to use any cliché lessons like the marriage triangle with God at the top and you and your partner at either side, or “You just have to put your partner’s needs before your own.”

We’ll leave you feeling inspired, prepared, and ready to take action to create the marriage of your dreams.

How To Overcome The Struggles of Pornography


Pornography is a pervasive problem in our church culture. It can destroy marriages, damage families, and suck people into a shame-filled downward spiral of loneliness and self-loathing. And, the way we talk about pornography often times makes the problems worse.

Nate and Angilyn have written and spoken extensively on how they’ve used the struggles of pornography to bring their marriage closer together rather than tearing it a part. In this talk they’ll share with you a Christ-focused way to talk about pornography, deal with it in your homes, and eradicate the shame that cuts off the spirit in your home.

Pornography doesn’t need to be the end of your marriage. It doesn’t need to define you or your partner.

There is hope and healing right around the corner.

Why People Leave The Church & Never Come Back

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Within a matter of weeks after Nate published his Stake Conference talk, Why People Leave The Church and Never Come Back, it had been viewed over 500k times. It was obvious his message had struck a chord.

After spending nearly 3 decades as a faithful member of the Church, Nate chose to leave. His world was flipped upside down, he spent years wrestling with his believes, and he even questioned the very existence of God.

Years later, he returned to full activity, got married in the temple, and is an active member of the Church… but this time with a new perspective. He knows what it’s like to be on the other side, and he has witnessed firsthand how difficult it is for many members have to have true empathy and understanding for those who have left the church.

In this talk, Nate will share his story, and provide context, encouragement, and hope for members of the church who want nothing more than for their loved ones to return to the fold.