"Marriage is a gift from God to us; the quality of our marriages is a gift from us to Him."

-L. Whitney Clayton



Hi, we are Nate and Angilyn Bagley

We created Mormon Marriages because, we noticed there was a lack of realistic resources, education, and open, honest conversation around what really goes into creating strong, lasting, passionate, connected Celestial Marriages.

While we appreciate the oft-repeated sentiments we've been taught since our youth like, "Just put Christ at the Center of your marriage." Or, "You both need to give 100%." Or, "A good marriage just requires a lot of work." We noticed that "putting Christ at the center of our marriage" only got us so far when navigating our sex life, deciding when to have kids, or putting together a budget.

We decided to take it upon ourselves to provide some answers. The Mormon Marriages podcast is a series of real conversations with real Mormon couples and marriage experts who give real, tangible advice about how to create a supremely awesome Celestial Marriage.

We believe that getting married in the temple is just the first step. Your marriage isn't truly "Celestial" unless you invest in it, improve it, and make it heavenly.

We all have a lot to learn. We hope to provide you with some valuable tools and resources to learn how to effectively deal with conflict, create a connecting and fulfilling sex life, how to navigate hard conversations about in-laws, money, how to use your marriage to grow and progress as a child of God, and even how to navigate a faith crisis within your relationship.

We are so grateful to have you join us on this journey!