S01 E14 - The Hero’s Journey with Kristin & Jake Hodson


The Hero’s Journey

Think about some of your favorite Heroes and the amazing feats they accomplished.

Harry Potter conquered Voldemort and saved the wizarding world.

harry potter gif.gif

Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star and saved entire planets from complete destruction.

luke death star gif.gif

Rapunzel escaped from the evil witch and found her parents again.


Frodo destroyed “the ring to rule them all” allowing middle earth to finally live in peace.

frodo gif.gif

The Sons of Mosiah succeeded in converting thousands of Lamanites to the gospel.

sons of mosiah.jpg

We love these stories! The characters teach us so many things about bravery and strength. They are courageous when the way seems hopeless, and they continue forward even when it’s hard. In the end, they accomplish things they never imagine they would!

Though each of their stories and journeys were different, every one of these characters had a specific thing in common:

They all left home.

Harry left the Dursley’s.

harry train gif.gif

Luke left Tatooine.

luke leaves.gif

Rapunzel left her tower.


Frodo left the shire.


The Sons of Mosiah left their kingdom.

sons of mosiah leaving.jpg

Each of them had to take a step away from comfort and familiarity and embark into the unknown. They had to leave behind certain parts of themselves in order to being their hero’s journey.

All of the things they learned, accomplished, and conquered never would have happened if they’d stayed exactly where they were.

In fact, you are living your very own Hero’s Journey right now. You’ve left your home with your Heavenly Parents in order to come to earth and gain experiences for yourselves.

Are you living in a way that will ensure the outcome you desire?

In this week’s episode of the podcast we talk with Jake and Kristin Hodson about their own kind of Hero’s Journey.

At the end of 2017, Jake and Kristin realized that they were living their lives in fast forward. With two successful careers, soccer practice, gymnastics, doctor’s appointments, church callings, family and friend duties, and more they felt like they were barely keeping their heads above water rather than being in control of their own lives.

Jake mentioned the Three Deadly C’s that had a hold on their family:

Consumption, Convenience, and Comfort.

They decided that something had to change. Things needed to slow down.

So, they packed up their three kiddos and eight suitcases and headed to live in Costa Rica for a time, leaving everything familiar behind.

In Costa Rica, they found a life they’d always dreamed of.

Consumption turned to Freedom, Convenience turned to Creativity, and Comfort turned to Courage.

Check out this week’s episode to see how all of this became a reality for them.

Remember, you are living your own Hero’s Journey right now.

What do you need to leave behind, whether physically or metaphorically, to ensure you’re on the path that leads to your desired destination?

About Our Guests

Kristin & Jake Hodson


Jake and Kris have been married for 12 years and are parents to three wild things ages 10, 7, 4.  They've worked hard throughout the course of their marriage to become partners in parenting, professional pursuits, and personal passions which include travel adventures, surfing, yoga, snowboarding, and anything water related. 

Jake is a Certified Yoga Instructor and works full-time in the professional world of commercial real estate. Kris is a Certified Sex Therapist,  founder of The Healing Group, a mental health clinic in Salt Lake City, author Real Intimacy: A Couple's Guide to Genuine, Healthy Sexuality, and a regular speaker on sexual health. You can find more about them at TheTaoOfHodson.com

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