S01 E06 - Nate and Angilyn Bagley: Why we started Mormon Marriages


Why Did We Start the Podcast?

It's hard to go a Sunday in church without hearing about the importance of the family. We talk about temple work, Family Home Evening, and family prayer. We talk about honoring our parents, having a Christ-centered marriage, Heavenly Parents, and the Proclamation to the Family.

The family unit is the central point of the gospel. Everything revolves around it, including our idea of heaven – spending eternity together with those we love the most. 

“This goal is glorious. All Church activities, advancements, quorums, and classes are means to the end of an exalted family.1"

-Russell M. Nelson

The hope is that everything we do will get us one step closer to our singular goal of having an Eternal Family.

Angilyn and I love this doctrine.

We love the idea that if we work hard in this life, and stay committed, we can take our most cherished relationships with us after this life is over.

Our love for this piece of our theology is exactly why we started the Mormon Marriages podcast.

We believe the best way to "prepare to meet God" and enjoy eternity in God's presence with our family is to have the strongest possible family. We can't do this unless the backbone of our family - our marriage - is incredibly strong and vibrant and, well, Celestial.

What is a Celestial Marriage?

Despite what many church members believe, getting a temple sealing does not mean you have a Celestial Marriage.

The definition of Celestial is "belonging or relating to heaven; supremely good."

A supremely good marriage that belongs in heaven isn't something that just happens to you on your wedding day. It's something you create over a lifetime, day-by-day.

President Nelson even warns us of this in his October 2008 General Conference talk titled Celestial Marriage.

“Only those who are married in the temple and whose marriage is sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise will continue as spouses after death and receive the highest degree of celestial glory, or exaltation.”

-Russell M. Nelson

To have your marriage "sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise" it requires vigilance and commitment to the principle of eternal progression. It requires effort and constant faith.

Our daily efforts will be recognized as the Holy Spirit ratifies and approves our constant efforts.

“If both parties are ‘just and true,’ if they are worthy, a ratifying seal is placed on their temple marriage; if they are unworthy, they are not justified by the Spirit and the ratification of the Holy Ghost is withheld. Subsequent worthiness will put the seal in force, and unrighteousness will break any seal.

-Bruce R. McConkie, Eternal Marriage Student Manual

How To Create Your Own Celestial Marriage

So, if a Celestial Marriage isn't something that just happens to us on the day we're sealed, how do I create one? What steps do I need to take? What does it even look like?

These are the questions we're out to answer on the podcast.

We realize most people haven't had many great examples of incredible, lasting, passionate marriages.

Most people haven't seen marriages overflowing with kindness, honesty, desire, forgiveness, intimacy, vulnerability, and true charity. 

And because we don't have these examples after which we can model our behavior, we end up getting stuck, walking on eggshells, avoiding hard topics, watching lots of Netflix, burying our noses in our phones, and stalling our eternal growth.

On Mormon Marriages, we will show you what extraordinary love looks like in many different forms. Some of them you'll love, some of them you might bristle at. We'll give you examples you can draw from, and offer you goals you can set for yourself.

Our hope is that we will inspire you to build your Eternal Marriage in the way that gets you excited and motivated. You get one shot at creating something legendary that can last forever. Don't waste it! 

Show Notes

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