Nate Bagley

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Nate Bagley is a writer, podcaster, speaker and the creator of Mormon Marriages. In 2013 he quit his job and traveled around the country in search of America's most in-love couples. Since then, he's interviewed hundreds of marriages to learn what they do differently from others that makes their love so phenomenal. These conversations are published as a podcast called The Loveumentary.

Since 2013, Nate has started several other marriage-related projects like: 

  • First 7 Years - A resource to help young couples prepare for incredible, lasting love.
  • Unbox Love - A date-in-a-box subscription service that sends date-night activities and products to couples.
  • Mormon Marriages - The site you're reading now... an amazing marriage resource for Latter-Day Saints.

Nate loves being married to his wife, Angilyn, running workshops, speaking, writing, and traveling the world. He currently sits on the steering committee for the Rocky Mountain Sex & Intimacy Summit. His goal in life is to rid the world of mediocre love, and he hopes you'll join him in this crusade!

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